In basic terms, a commercial cleaning company does exactly what its title suggests. Commercial cleaning services are engaged by a myriad of business types and sectors to take care of the daily or weekly cleaning requirements at their premises. The type and size of the contracts that commercial cleaners take on can differ depending on the capabilities of the contractor, and how many employees they have.

What type of businesses employ commercial cleaners?

The term ‘Commercial Cleaning’ covers a wide and varied programme of cleaning tasks and most of these are needed for businesses such as:

  • Offices and office buildings
  • Shops, shopping centres and retail outlets
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Pubs, Restaurants and Bars
  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Medical Centres and Doctors Surgeries
  • Dentist Surgeries
  • Hospitals
  • Gyms and Leisure Centres
  • Residential Homes

What type of services do commercial cleaners provide?

A contract cleaner will have specific expertise and knowledge about how to undertake many cleaning tasks using the correct machinery and products. A commercial cleaning contract includes but is not limited to:

  • General office and business cleaning
  • CQC (Care Quality Commission regulated cleaning)
  • Floor, carpet, upholstery, and soft furnishing cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Kitchen, canteen, food prep area cleaning
  • Toilet, changing room and bathroom cleaning
  • Rubbish and waste removal
  • Janitorial and consumables services

More specific commercial cleaning tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Regular window cleaning
  • Frequent IT equipment cleaning (phones, keyboards, tills etc)
  • Frequent touch point cleaning (door handles, light switches etc)
  • Periodic Carpet cleaning and/or hard floor maintenance
  • Frequent kitchen and bathroom cleaning
  • Janitorial and consumables service

Of course, over the last two years there has been a dominant threat to the health and safety of not just our nation, but the whole world. The emergence of Covid-19 forced businesses to take extra measures with cleaning and disinfecting in order that they could operate safely once restrictions had been relaxed.

Although thankfully today the threat of Covid isn’t the horror story it was two years ago, we need to remember that we are still in a pandemic. Scientists have agreed that the Covid-19 pandemic will end at some point and become an epidemic, but this means that the virus will never be eliminated completely. Immunity will continue to rise through vaccination and previous infection, therefore new infections will arise at a consistently lower level.

Nevertheless, employer, employee and customer safety must come first, and the advantages of disinfecting and cleaning reach beyond eliminating any potential Covid infection. Regular and professional disinfection can help lessen the risk of spread of Covid-19 and its potential variants, which is why most professional cleaning contractors have added Covid Cleaning to their schedule of services.

Why should you engage the services of a professional commercial cleaning contractor? 

Gone are the days when it’s sensible to try and keep business cleaning in-house. The fast pace of business today means that cleaning tasks can seem less important than other matters at hand, and often even the most basic of those are pushed back and sometimes forgotten completely.

There are many reasons why a professional cleaning contractor can enhance your business, and not just aesthetically.

They have experience – Your contractor is expert in looking after the cleanliness and hygiene of all types of commercial premises. They have first-hand knowledge in this field and when you hire them, they will know your exacting requirements.  They can tailor their service to deliver the best possible schedule of cleaning to you.

Time management – As discussed above, a busy office or business leaves very little time for cleaning. Your staff are hired for a specific role and may not consider cleaning to be part of that. Besides, when you think about things in terms of productivity, an hour spent working on their professional job will make the business money whereas an hour spent cleaning will not. By hiring a professional cleaning company, the cleaning of your premises will be carried out regardless of how busy things become.

Project a positive image It can often be underestimated just how much a clean and sanitary workplace can enhance your reputation. Likewise, a dirty and unwelcoming premises can project a negative image, which you really don’t want! Having your building sparkling from entry will leave a positive and lasting impression on your staff, visitors, clients, and customers which in turn will help to boost your company’s public profile.

No expensive cleaning equipment – When we think of cleaning equipment, we are not always prepared for the list of items needed to carry out the basics, let alone deep cleans and periodicals. Do you have the storage space to house everything needed? Vacuum cleaners can be cumbersome machines, and if you have hard floors which need regular maintenance or carpets that require frequent cleaning then storing the machines needed for these tasks might be impossible.

Your cleaning contractor will bring all the equipment and products needed if it is written into your contract. Sometimes, domestic grade cleaning products and equipment are not adequate in a commercial setting and your contractor will have access to more heavy duty or professional grade products. You need not worry about supplies and storage as it will all be taken care of, leaving you free to run your business.

Prevent the spread of infection – Regular and thorough cleaning will help to halt the spread of any potential infection. Germs and bacteria can survive on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours, which isn’t good news if there are a few days between cleans. Shared equipment can also transfer germs between employees so regular disinfection is essential.

Since the emergence of Covid-19, sick employees are less likely to ‘battle through’ illness by coming to work; working from home has enabled many to carry on working without putting their colleagues in harm’s way. Sadly, the incubation period for some viruses happens days before symptoms start to show, so by the time somebody falls sick they could have potentially infected countless other employees. Regular cleaning can lessen the risk even if it doesn’t eliminate it completely.

Peace of Mind – Feeling relaxed is important for you when you hand over responsibility of any part of your business. Having peace of mind that each member of your cleaning team will have been fully vetted is paramount; this ensures that only honest, trustworthy, and reliable operatives will be working on your site. If your cleaning contract is out of office hours, it is vital that you have trust in your chosen provider.

Another point to consider is whether the productivity of the cleaning contractor matches the number of hours you employ them for. Here at Brightr, we are completely transparent in our processes at point of quotation. In fact, we possess some very intelligent software into which we input the dimensions of the premises in question (the database parameters adjust accordingly) plus floor types, number of toilets, food and drink prep areas, and any other relevant information. The software then accurately calculates the number of cleaning hours needed, which reassures our clients that they will never overpay for the service provided and gives them complete peace of mind.

Ad-hoc Services – If you need any additional services, these can be discussed with your supplier. Most contractors will offer an end of tenancy or pre tenancy cleaning service if you are moving to new premises and some will include exterior services such as gutter cleaning, pressure washing and graffiti removal on an ad-hoc basis.



The cleaning of one commercial premises or site compared to another may require different skills, equipment, and processes. A deep clean may be required periodically or you may have additional facilities with security risks attached such as a pharmacy in a supermarket or machinery in a factory. This is where Brightr Ltd can help with our one-off solutions and ongoing contracts.

Our team of cleaners are expertly trained to deal with the differing requirements which can be presented to them when carrying out commercial cleaning services. After an initial visit from one of our supervisors, we will recommend how often our cleaners should visit, how often they should clean particular areas and how often a deep clean may be needed. We won’t duplicate an existing contract as we want to make sure you get exactly what you need from our services.

Each of our cleaners are fully qualified and will arrive badged and uniformed so you can easily identify them whilst they are on your site. They are also required to provide us with two references before becoming members of our team so you can be assured that you are getting reliable and trustworthy individuals who have been thoroughly vetted.


If you’d like a no obligation quote or would like to discuss your requirements, we’d be happy to speak to you. Give us a call on 01604 556677 or click here to read about our commercial cleaning services.

What is the Average Cost for Office Cleaning in the UK?

The cleaning sector in the UK has seen considerable growth in recent years and continues to grow. Companies and individuals alike have become far more aware of the threat of infection caused by bacteria and germ transference, particularly in the workplace. A greater emphasis has been put on the need for cleaning and sanitising, and more so in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

More business sectors than ever before require cleaners, so the demand for Commercial Cleaning Services is continually increasing. Hospitals, surgeries, hotels, warehousing, pubs and restaurants, sports centres, factories, and offices, to name a few, all hire the services of cleaning contractors. Even small offices that would normally keep their cleaning in house now realise the importance of hiring a professional; contract cleaners have expertise, as well as access to industrial grade cleaning machinery and products that domestic or individual cleaners do not.

So, what is the average cost for office cleaning in the UK? Perhaps not as expensive as you might expect. Your geographical location will obviously play a part, as will the type of company you engage and the services you require. As you read through, we will explore the different services under the commercial cleaning umbrella and the costs associated.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is the term used for non-domestic cleaning which is carried out at a business’ premises. Companies that need cleaning services will hire a Commercial Cleaning Contractor. There is a huge difference between domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning. As stated earlier, contract cleaners have specific expertise and can undertake many cleaning tasks using the correct machinery and products, some of which are chemical and may require a knowledge of COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health). Unlike domestic cleaning, commercial cleaners may need to use different products and equipment for different parts of a building.

Commercial Cleaning can also cover a broad range of services, such as:

  • General office and business cleaning
  • Floor, carpet, upholstery, and soft furnishing cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Kitchen, canteen, food prep area cleaning
  • Toilet, changing room and bathroom cleaning
  • Rubbish and waste removal
  • Janitorial and consumables services

More specific office cleaning services include:

  • Daily or weekly general office cleaning
  • Regular window cleaning
  • Frequent IT equipment cleaning (phones, keyboards etc)
  • Frequent touch point cleaning (door handles, light switches etc)
  • Periodic Carpet cleaning and/or hard floor maintenance
  • Frequent kitchen and bathroom cleaning
  • Janitorial and consumables service

Hiring a commercial cleaning contractor gives your business peace of mind, as they will have liability insurance which means that you, your company, they, and their company are covered for any eventuality. They may also have health and safety accreditations, which means that they have extra knowledge about how to ensure safety in the workplace and are aware of hazards and dangers that could cause issues.

When thinking of hiring any kind of external service, it’s important to do some research on possible candidates and try and obtain several quotes. Be aware that a low quote might not give you the high level of cleaning that you desire.

What Can You Expect from a Commercial Cleaning Service?

When arranging quotes for your cleaning requirements, you need to decide exactly what you need; how often will you require services, and exactly which services you want. Some cleaning companies operate on a minimum number of hours per week, so be realistic about your requirements as you don’t want to be in a position where you are forced to overpay. Likewise, undercalculating the number of hours you need could see you with only half of your premises cleaned! Prospective cleaning companies will advise you of the number of hours needed when they survey your site during the quotation process.

In order to keep your business clean and tidy, weekly general cleaning services are a minimum. Kitchen, toilet, canteen, and other food prep areas should be cleaned daily.

Consider how often you would like carpets cleaned, and any hard floors which require specialist attention and maintenance. Window cleaning can be periodic, although many people choose to clean the outside of the windows at more regular intervals than the insides.

When your shortlist of contractors come to quote for you, talk through your requirements and discuss each aspect. For example, there may be certain areas within your premises that are used infrequently, and so require less cleaning. There may also be areas that are high traffic and prone to dirt build up which your contractor will need to be made aware of. You might also want certain areas sterilised rather than just a basic clean. Talk to them about workplace hygiene, which will also keep your staff safe as this applies to all types of workplaces, not just those involved in handling food and personal products.

Here is what should be done between an employer and cleaning contractor to ensure that workplace hygiene is maintained:

  • Implement a hygiene policy

Issue staff with a written hygiene policy setting out your intentions and expectations of a clean workplace. This ensures your staff know that you take workplace hygiene seriously.

  • Provide a clean toilets and washrooms

It is crucial for a hygienic workplace to have clean toilet and handwashing facilities. Make sure that the bathroom is well stocked with soap, toilet paper and hand towels and sanitiser as necessary.

  • Provide clean wipes, sanitiser and tissues

Provide items such as these to help your staff maintain a clean and hygienic workspace. Shared equipment can harbour germs and bacteria, and employees are more likely to use such items to clean up after themselves if they are readily available.

  • Regular cleaning

Make sure your workplace is regularly cleaned. This helps prevent the spread of infection, and clean surroundings also help to maintain morale and project a sense of professionalism.


Some cleaning contractors will provide you with a list of services which they undertake, along with prices for those services, but a more common practice is for them to give you a price per hour, day, week, or month. This price should include any tasks within the cleaning remit, but may exclude machine hire for specialist jobs, and cleaning products for those jobs. Some contracts can include cleaning materials, but some exclude them in which case you would be responsible for sourcing and maintaining the supply of products. A busy business owner may not have time for this, and so more companies prefer to leave the supply of cleaning and janitorial products to their contractor.

You may be asked by your prospective contractor to commit to a minimum term when you take them on. Contracts like these are usually for between 6 and 12 months and will require both sides to give at least a month’s notice to quit. This is standard practice and protects both client and contractor alike.

After you have asked any questions and had any queries answered, there will be a contract created between both parties, which may require a deposit to be paid. You will then receive a start date and services will commence.

Typical Office Cleaning Costs

Office cleaning costs can vary; there is no exact science. Depending on the cleaning contractor you choose, and the geographical location of your business, the rates that you could pay can be very different.

Commercial and office cleaning rates per hour based on location

Area Typical Rate
North of England and Scotland £12 – £15 per hour
London £15 – £25 per hour
South and East of England £15 – £20 per hour
Wales £12 – £20 per hour

Evening and weekend cleaning can be more expensive due to the unsociable hours needed, but this is down to the discretion of the contractor.

Some cleaning contractors find it easier to charge by size (square footage or meterage), rather than by man hours. This is generally for larger premises but can be scaled down to suit your building and budget. Obviously, the cost will rise depending on the size of your building because of the duration of time taken to clean it as well as factoring in materials and cleaning supplies, and the number of cleaning crew members. Below are the typical rates you can expect to pay each month based on the size of your workplace. These rates are an average and can vary depending on your geographical location.

Commercial and office cleaning rates per square foot, per month

Total Square Footage Average Cost
500 – 3,000 £195 – £500
3,000 – 6,000 £500 – £800
6,000 – 10,000 £800 – £1300


How long does it take to clean an office?

The amount of time taken for Office cleaning will always depend on its size and the volume of people occupying it. If the workforce is small each task might not need to be done every day. But if footfall is high then the likelihood is that most areas will need regular cleaning. Take into account the number of toilets and hand basins in the bathroom, whether your work premises has food preparation areas etc. As a rule of thumb though, the table below averages out the man hours needed for general office cleaning.

Commercial and office cleaning hours per square foot, per week

Total Square Footage Number of Man Hours Frequency of Cleaning
1,000 1 1-2
2,000 – 4,000 2 3-5
5,000 – 7,000 3 5


Factors Which may Affect the Cost of your Commercial Cleaning

There are of course other factors to consider which will affect the overall price that you pay for your commercial cleaning service.

Cleaning Intensity

The amount of labour will differ depending on the intensity of the cleaning required. Routine cleaning can be assessed easily, but deeper cleans are far more time consuming and need further consideration when you ask for quotes.

Cleaning materials and equipment

As we continue living in the wake of the pandemic, more stringent practices regarding the use of cleaning materials need to be observed. It is no longer acceptable to use a single cleaning cloth for each room or a single mop for each hard floor. More potent cleaning products might be needed to cope with levels of infection and virus.


If your premises is in a high density town area, or a remote rural area, costs could be higher due to the fact that cleaning staff could find it difficult to reach your business in a given amount of time. There may be a premium to account for travel time and cost.

Specialised Cleaning Services

There may be areas in your workplace that require more specialised cleaning, such as carpets, upholstery, and soft furnishings. This will always be more expensive than general cleaning because of the machinery and products needed.

Ensure You Get the Right Professional Fit

It’s a good idea to put together a kind of checklist to ensure you get a contractor that you not only feel comfortable with, but one that is trustworthy and the right fit for your company.

Make sure you ask for

  • A written quote. This will include exactly which cleaning jobs you are paying for, the cost of materials if relevant and the number of operatives and hours they’ll supply.
  • It’s always best to check references from previous or current clients to make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable contractor.
  • Always ask to see proof of liability insurance so that you (and they) are covered in the event of accident or incident.

Unfortunately, not all cleaning companies are as reliable and trustworthy as they first seem. Sometimes you could end up with a careless cleaner and an unprofessional clean. Where a CQC standard is also required, this could leave your premises at risk of immediate closure. At Brightr we are proud to be Northampton’s best reviewed, most trusted cleaning company. We also offer professional, high quality office cleaning in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

Our cleaners must provide us with two references, undergo a rigorous training program, and agree to close supervision of their cleaning. With this process, we can guarantee cleaning services of the highest possible standard. Each of our team are uniformed and badged so that you are able to easily identify when they are visiting.

Our cleaners are conscientious, well-mannered and can work around the public without creating a disturbance, allowing them to clean your site during the day which eliminates the need to entrust us with keys to your premise. If you prefer your premises to be cleaned in the evening our team can provide cleaning services at a time to suit you.

If you are looking for a trusted cleaning company who offer a consistently high quality service, contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

Is it Cost Effective to Clean your Own Offices?

In 2022 we are all feeling the pinch. The pandemic has hit many businesses hard and lots of us are trying to find ways to recoup our losses and recover costs where we can. It’s always a good idea to have a good look at your spending and see where you can make cuts. But you have to do it mindfully and make sure you are not cutting essential services or giving yourself more of a headache than you need to.

Offices need cleaning. There’s no getting away from it. Not only do you need to present well for any potential and ongoing customers, but you must protect the health and safety of your staff too. Studies show that offices that are cleaned well regularly have lower instances of staff sickness and better mental wellbeing for employees overall. So, we know the cleaning needs to be done, but with the current economic climate you might be considering whether it would be cheaper to do the cleaning yourself.

Let’s look at it . . .

Type of Cleaning Cost per hour
Low £15-£25
Medium £30-£40
High £70-£150


The above detail looks at typical price ranges for commercial cleaners. The amount that your cleaning costs you with a commercial cleaning company will depend on what your needs are. Most offices find that they fall within the low needs bracket. If regular cleaning is maintained then grime is not building up so there’s rarely a need for any deep cleaning services, just regular upkeep. The size of your office space will be a factor, because obviously the bigger the office the longer it takes to clean. How much equipment you have that requires cleaning will make a difference too. You might want to get a deep clean done annually, or as a one off to start if your office hasn’t been properly cleaned in a while.

A good commercial cleaning company will come out to do a quote for you, assess what your needs are and come to an agreement with you about how to move forward. You should make sure they measure your office or give them some plans.

Commercial cleaning companies will bring their own equipment and cleaning supplies. They also obviously do this professionally, so they’ll be fully up to date on the deeper cleaning methods and processes required to keep us all Covid safe.

To assess whether or not it would be cost effective to take on your own cleaning let’s take a look at a typical case.

  • Medium office (employing 20-30 people)

These can usually be cleaned professionally in 2-3 hours per day with just one cleaner. This should be completed at an estimated cost of £150-£225 per week.

If you were to complete this cleaning yourself, firstly you need to remember that that’s 10-15 hours of an employed cleaner costing £100-£150 per week. You need to take time out of your working day, to manage the cleaning meaning you’re not spending time doing what you’re good at. Plus there are administration costs, employers NI (possibly), payroll, insurance and holiday cover. If it’s more than your cleaning would cost with a commercial company, then you’ve already made a loss before you’ve started. On top of that, you’ll need to buy your own cleaning equipment and products.

How much is cleaning equipment for regular office cleaning?

You’ll need to purchase equipment and products that will need to be replaced at different times. We’ve put together a list of estimated costs below. This is based on the small office we mentioned above.

  • Broom: £10 – replaced 6 monthly
  • Mops, rags, and sponges: £15 – replaced monthly and washed after each use
  • Dusting supplies: £15 – replaced monthly
  • Cleaning and washing detergents: £20 per month
  • Paper towels and cleaning wipes: £45 per month
  • Trash bags: £30 per month

Based on the above list, cleaning supplies alone will cost you an average of £125 per month. Let’s add to that a fairly low estimate of £30 an hour for your time.

If you spend 2 hours a week, or 8 hours a month managing cleaning at your office – that’s £240 for your time, plus £750 inc holiday cover and overhead for the cleaner, plus £125 for equipment and supplies. Cleaning your office yourself just cost you £1115 a month. And a commercial cleaning company will cost you £975, even at the higher end of the price bracket.

So, it’s quite clear from these calculations, that cleaning your own offices really isn’t cost effective at all. It’s also a major hassle. It’s definitely at least worth gathering some quotes and you can actually save yourself as much as 40% on costs by shopping around. For larger offices the costs will be higher, but so will the cost of your time and supplies be if doing it yourself.

We’d be more than happy to assist you with all your commercial cleaning needs. Please do give us a call and we’ll come out to see you for a free, no obligation quote.

3 Rules for Better Business

The Winter months can seem long even though the days are short, but as they lengthen, and the weather starts to become milder we can focus our thoughts on Spring. After all, it’s officially only just over a month away and many businesses will be looking to have a bit of a spring clean.

How you manage your office space can greatly impact the health and wellbeing of your staff, so if they have clean and safe surroundings, then they’re likely to perform well in their jobs, and productivity will be high. So, if you’re looking to reach your business goals, you can do worse than start with the basics.

In the last couple of years, the cleaning industry has had to adapt and change in order to keep up with new cleaning trends as client needs have continued to shift. So now is the time to reflect on what has worked in the past and to develop strategies to make sure you continue to improve.

Below are 3 simple ways to take your business forward:


Does the design and layout of your office space create an efficient workflow or is it just chaotic? It’s important to evaluate how your space works as this can have a direct impact on how your staff perform.

Spring is a perfect time to clear some clutter and streamline the flow in your workplace. Rearranging desks and other furniture can transform a space if positioned in a simplified configuration. Keeping desks free of files and papers makes cleaning much easier to tackle. Introducing new policies and procedures will help keep the office running smoothly going forward.

Work Green

Removing harmful chemicals from the environment and reducing your company’s carbon footprint is the start of going green!

If you’d like your business to be cleaner and greener, look for ways to implement environmentally friendly practices like recycling, moving all paperwork to the cloud, reducing printing, and even encouraging your colleagues to lift share to and from work. Updating some of your tech will help reduce energy bills, as newer models require less electricity.

Ask your Cleaning Contractor about switching to natural or environmentally friendly cleaning products to further help reduce your footprint.

Trust your Contract Cleaner

When change is afoot, we can all be nervous or hesitant, and although we may start out with good intentions, sometimes it’s hard to stick to a new rule when you have other more pressing duties to perform.

Your cleaning schedule may only need a small tweak, or perhaps it requires a complete overhaul. But if you trust in a professional cleaning contractor, the burden of change will not be a burden after all! They will produce a schedule of cleaning for you to make sure that every cleaning task is undertaken.


So, if you are looking for a trusted cleaning company who offer a consistent high quality service, contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection

We have been warned by the government that the pandemic is not over; with unpredictable outbreaks occurring and new variants like Omicron emerging we are still very much in a pandemic. On a more optimistic note, scientists have agreed that the Covid-19 pandemic will end at some point and become an epidemic. This means that the likelihood of the virus being eliminated completely is very slim, but as more people are fully vaccinated, infections will arise at a consistently lower level. It is likely that Covid infections will become seasonal, much like flu.  

With the emergence of new variants, it seems that each one is more infectious than the one before. This can put a strain on companies whose cleaning regimes are already stretched, as disinfection of workplaces need to be carried out with every new positive case. 

But employee and customer safety must come first, and the advantages of disinfecting and cleaning reach beyond eliminating any potential Covid infection.  


With so many regulations surrounding Coronavirus, routine and thorough cleaning by a professional cleaning contractor presents an opportunity to prove compliance; if ever there are any issues raised there will be a record of cleaning practices. 

Customer Confidence 

Customers and clients as well as employees need to feel safe and secure in their surroundings. It is important to ensure that every person entering your premises is aware of the cleaning and disinfection routine, giving them the peace of mind and confidence that every effort has been made to protect their health and safety. 


Employee satisfaction can impact heavily on productivity. Whichever sector you’re in, employees focus more when they’re confident about the safety of their workplace. It is an employer’s duty of care to ensure the wellbeing of all staff, and thorough disinfection and cleaning can play a major role in that. 

Preventative Measures 

Regular and professional disinfection can help lessen the risk of spread of Covid-19, providing employees are following protocols set out to them. A professional cleaning contractor can undertake a more ‘advanced’ type of cleaning where professional grade equipment and products are used. They are trained to clean the often overlooked or hard to clean areas, ensuring every part of your building is sanitised and safe. 

Positive Cases 

If a Coronavirus Covid-19 case is confirmed, then decontamination and sanitisation is of the utmost importance to ensure safety of others. Brightr have experienced teams that can provide deep cleaning services for your offices, warehouses, schools, and surgeries. 

Here at Brightr, our team is equipped with specialised cleaning equipment such as steam cleaners and fogging machines. The team will wear full PPE. Our deep cleaning sanitisation process includes Viricidal sanitising to all surfaces of your office, focusing on touch points, all handles, furniture, desks, computers, doors, floors, kitchens, and toilets. For complete infection control, viricidal sanitisation will be followed by the application of a chlorine -based cleaning solution. 


If you’d like further information about any of our services you can contact us here. 

Tips for Keeping your Office Kitchen Clean

The office Kitchen can cause unnecessary stress for its users; it can be a battle to keep clean and organisation can go out the window when there are high numbers of staff in and out 5 days a week. But there are strategies that can be put in place to help keep your staff room clean and tidy.

Stock up on cleaning supplies

If there is no access to decent cleaning supplies, then staff will have no incentive to try to keep things clean and tidy in the kitchen. If spills and food residue are left unchecked, then they can become a health hazard which is bad news in a food prep area.

A good stock of cleaning sprays, soaps and detergents, clean cloths, and paper towels, means spills can be wiped up and dirty cups, plates and dishes can be washed up immediately.

Get appliances that are fit for purpose

If you have a medium to large workforce and they’re all using a plate, cup or mug and various pieces of cutlery every day, then that can add up to a large number of dirty dishes. Invest in a dishwasher; dirty items can be loaded in immediately by the user, leaving counter tops free of debris.

To help maintain tidiness in the kitchen you’ll need a fridge big enough for the whole workforce; it needs to have room to store packed lunches, milk, and other sundries. This will also stop counter tops being cluttered.

Have bins emptied regularly

Bins can soon start to emit nasty smells, particularly in warmer weather. If leftover food has been thrown away it can attract flies and other insects, not to mention vermin if not emptied regularly. Make sure that kitchen bins are emptied daily to avoid insect infestation and to avoid bad smells.

Organise storage effectively

Consider all the consumables that need to be stored in your staff room. If your workforce is large enough, then you may have bulk supplies to find homes for. Supplies do need to be easily accessible, and in cupboards within the room, but surplus stock can be stored in a dedicated storage cupboard elsewhere. Boxes or piles of items will not only look untidy but can also gather dust and accumulate dirt before they’ve even been used, so a stock cupboard is a must for bulk buy consumables.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Contractor

Even if you have the most cleaning conscientious staff in your business, there are still tasks that need fulfilling that they just won’t have time for. A professional cleaning contractor has the time and expertise to clean efficiently and thoroughly, looking out for stray spills and crumbs!

Using the appropriate cleaning products is essential to ensure that fixtures and fittings are maintained correctly, and not inadvertently ruined. Your cleaning contractor will have specialist knowledge and have undertaken training in Health and Safety.


If you’d like to know more about our services or would like a no obligation quote, you can contact us here.

Why Some Commercial Cleaning Companies Provide a Poor Service

When you need to hire a cleaning contractor, it’s important to find a reputable and professional provider with positive reviews and recommendations. You need to feel like your premises is in good hands, and that you can trust your cleaning team when you’re not on site.

Many commercial cleaning companies sadly give the industry a bad name. Their customer service is poor, their staff untrained and they deliver an inadequate service. So how can companies like this trade successfully, and why do these problems occur so regularly? Well, the answer to the first part of the question is that ‘success’ can be a two sided coin; unfortunately, some second-rate cleaning contractors can leave a trail of dissatisfied, short term clients and then move on to newer, trusting prospects. The second part of the question is a little broader. Here are some of the reasons.

Bad Management

The cleaning industry is huge in the UK and many business-minded entrepreneurs assume that a contract cleaning business will make them easy money without knowing the challenges and pitfalls. Cleaning may seem easy, but many aspects of it are skilled. Knowing how to deal with health and safety issues, risk assessments, hiring competent team members, all whilst delivering a professional service isn’t as easy as it looks!

Cutting Corners

The size of the contract will depend on how many cleaners and which cleaning supplies are sent to get the job done. Sadly, not all cleaning companies are willing to invest which could result in a substandard job being done. For example, they may only send 3 cleaners for a 4 person job, or cleaning materials may be of an inferior standard. This all adds up to teams cutting corners in a rush to get things done, as manpower or equipment isn’t up to specification.

Lack of training

As stated earlier, many people assume “it’s just cleaning, how hard can it be?” without realising there are many protocols to follow, especially with health and safety and the use of hazardous chemicals. In addition, there is a variety of equipment needed for specialised cleaning jobs. Without adequate training, these machines can be dangerous pieces of equipment.

Knowing how to clean and care for different surfaces is only something that can be learned through training and experience. Providing a high level of training and vetting is just as important in the cleaning industry as it is for any other.

Poor Communication

Sometimes there may be issues with the service you receive, but this isn’t just confined to the cleaning part of the contract. Customers are very particular about instructions and expectations about their cleaning contract, and the contractors need to be transparent. There should be a communications system in place from the outset, so that a client can reach their account manager easily and without disruption to the service.

Providing feedback is an important aspect of any service, so that improvements can be made if needed. Likewise, giving the client regular reports and arranging inspections is valuable in order to maintain a long lasting and rewarding working relationship.


Here at Brightr, we ensure that all our cleaners provide us with two references, undergo a rigorous training program, and agree to close supervision of their cleaning. With this process, we can promise commercial cleaning services of the highest possible standard. Each of our team are uniformed and badged so that they are easily identifiable. You can request a no obligation quote here.

The Less Obvious Benefits of Engaging a Professional Cleaning Contractor

When hiring a cleaning contractor, there are a number of stand out reasons to do so; you want your premises to be clean and hygienic and you don’t want the responsibility of overseeing cleaning personally, to name a couple. What many business owners don’t perhaps think about are the less obvious benefits of hiring a professional cleaning contractor. We’ve put together our favourites to give you some food for thought!


  • You’ll enjoy a calmer and more tranquil working environment

Stress in the workplace is very common, and it’s not always just down to the job. It’s a known fact that mess and clutter have an impact on stress levels. Your premises may well be clean, but that could all be for nought if there is clutter and detritus on every surface! Hiring a cleaning contractor will keep the untidiness in check.

Mental Health is as important as physical health, and thankfully we are all more aware of the problems surrounding mental health issues than ever before. A cleaner workplace will have a positive impact on morale within the workforce and your staff will feel valued as well as valuable.


  • No Storage Issues

Hiring a professional contractor reduces your storage problems; they’ll bring their own cleaning equipment freeing up your precious storage space. Furthermore, you won’t have the responsibility of ordering cleaning products and equipment as your contractor will take care of this for you.


  • Professional Grade Equipment

Every cleaning contractor will have the necessary cleaning tools and equipment for the job. If there’s something that needs more specialist attention, then your cleaners will know how to deal with it. Sometimes, domestic grade cleaning products and equipment are not adequate in a commercial setting.


  • Lower Staff Absenteeism

We all know that viruses, germs, and bacteria are becoming more robust and can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours. With your workplace being a busy and communal area, cross infection is inevitable, unless it is cleaned regularly. Light switches, desks, IT equipment, staffroom/canteen equipment and other frequently touched surfaces can harbour all kinds of bugs, so regular cleaning will help eliminate them. This in turn will lead to less illness spreading within your workforce and a reduction in staff sick days.


  • Security and Peace of Mind

As an employer, peace of mind is important for you when you hand over responsibility for any part of your business. Each member of a cleaning team will have been fully vetted ensuring that only honest, trustworthy, and reliable operatives will be working on your site. If your cleaning contract is out of office hours, it is vital that you have trust in your chosen provider.


Here at Brightr, we believe that commercial cleaning is a people business, and it is only by very carefully recruiting and training the right people with the right supervision that the job will get done. Good people and good systems deliver the right culture! If you would like a quote, contact us here.

Using a Commercial Cleaning Contractor Could Make your Workplace Safer!

You want your business to be clean and tidy; that’s why you would hire a cleaning contractor in the first place. To keep on top of the day to day cleaning is a really hard undertaking if kept in-house, so entrusting your business to a contractor can take the burden from your shoulders. In short, you need them! But there are other benefits to investing in regular commercial cleaning. By employing a contractor on a regular basis, you’ll be looking after the health and safety of your staff, and any other visitor that enters your building.

Vast experience in the commercial cleaning sector tells us that regular cleaning can bring other benefits to your workplace, which is important as we plough on through the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ve highlighted a few as follows:

Kill germs dead

High traffic areas and regular touch points are a haven for germs and bacteria to settle and multiply. Your contractor will clean all these surfaces and touch points (light switches, door handles, desk surfaces, phones and IT equipment etc), preferably with an anti-bacterial cleaner to eliminate as much bacteria as possible.

Carpets and soft furnishings can also be a problem, particularly for anyone who suffers from asthma. Dust mites and other allergens are known to trigger asthma attacks, so keeping these furnishings clean is a must!

Clear visibility

Many companies hire the services of an exterior window cleaner, forgetting about the interiors. Of course, the outsides are bound to become dirtier than the interiors, but let’s not forget the benefit of having clean windows inside and out. A clean window lets in more natural light which is known to enhance productivity.


Hard flooring can be a slipping hazard if it’s not cleaned properly. In high traffic areas, like the staff room/canteen and toilets, floors need to be cleaned regularly and kept free from debris. Spilled liquids can make floors slippery, and accumulation of dirt and grime can make them feel quite greasy. Not a good combination for a busy workplace.

A cleaning contractor will make sure hard floor are cleaned and treated as necessary.

Prevent trips and falls

Clearing litter and clutter is essential to keep floors clear and your contractor will take care of this each time they visit. Trailing cables can be dangerous and are an obvious tripping hazard, so your contractor will report anything which needs attention. You have a duty of care to every person who enters your building, including your cleaning contractor!

Encourage good hygiene

Of course, keeping a clean and germ free workplace isn’t just the job of the cleaning team. Your employees should all keep good hygiene habits to stop the spread of infection and germs. Washing their hands more frequently, sneezing into a tissue or the crook of an elbow, and cleaning hands after sneezing or nose blowing will help. Provide them with hand sanitising gel if there is no easy access to hand washing facilities.

How to Maximise Office Hygiene, Safety and Wellbeing

It’s a natural reaction to be a little anxious or nervous about returning to work after months of working from home or being furloughed. It could almost feel like the first day of a new job, as although the surroundings will be familiar there will undoubtedly have been changes made, however slight.

The pandemic has had an effect on everybody, detrimental or not. So, it stands to reason that many employees will be apprehensive when it comes to sharing office space with multiple other people. Lone or remote working has become very attractive to employers and employees alike; employers can retain their workforce but allow them to work from home. This allows the opportunity to downsize to smaller office premises, which means smaller overheads. Employees can enjoy a flexible working week; with no commute they can begin work earlier, allowing them to finish earlier and childcare issues can be reduced for those with children.

Of course, it’s not always practical to have your whole workforce at home. But flexibility is key to staff retention, wellbeing and ultimately safety. Staggering the number of employees in the building at any one time is a good place to start. This way, social distancing can be safely adhered to, and desk arrangements can be implemented accordingly.

So what else can be done to keep your business running safely?

Stop the spread!

  • Sanitising must be the one thing we do regularly. Installing hand sanitising stations, or just placing sanitising gel at strategic points throughout the building will encourage everyone to be more vigilant in the hand hygiene. You could invite any visitors to the premises to use these stations too.
  • Ensure that regular cleaning of high traffic areas/shared surfaces is undertaken.
  • Invite mask wearing. Although this is no longer a legal requirement in indoor spaces, those who wish to can wear a face covering.


  • Where possible, let in fresh air. Poor ventilation allows viruses to remain in the air and on surfaces for longer.

Review Cleaning Procedures

  • Commercial cleaning has always been key in keeping on top of the spread of germs and viruses, but never more so than now. Your current cleaning procedures may need reviewing and adapting to ensure that all sources of potential infection are eliminated, paying particular attention to door handles, phones, keyboards, and appliances within communal areas.
  • If your premises has been exposed to a positive case of Covid-19, then a specialist cleaning service may be required. This will prevent any further spread of the virus within the building.


Nobody wants to be in an environment that feels ‘uptight’ or uncomfortable. The reality is that we are all adapting and learning to live with Covid, but as the majority of the population are vaccinated and new infection rates are reducing, we also need to relax a little. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be vigilant and abide by rules issued to keep us safe, but if we are to return to anything like the pre-pandemic normal then we must start somewhere.

Why not invest in a commercial cleaning service to take care of the day-to-day cleaning duties? It will help take some of the stress away from workforce, knowing that hygiene and cleanliness throughout the building are being professionally addressed.