Frequently Asked Questions


  • What time do you arrive on site?

    Cleaning companies prefer as much flexibility as possible. We ensure the cleaners are trained to unlock and set the alarm. We ensure the alarm codes and keys ready before starting a contract.

  • What areas do you cover?

    We cover Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Warwickshire.

  • How many cleaners will be required for my site?

    It varies depending on the size of the company and the hours we are allocated.

    Generally, the ideal shift for a part-time cleaner is 3 hours.

  • How long do the contracts last for?

    Our contracts are 2 years with a 12-month break clause.

  • Do you provide an account manager?

    Yes, and we expect them to do a formal review once a month. Although many of our customers prefer more regular but informal catch ups.

  • What are your health and safety processes?

    We are an ISO 9001 certified company.

    The company is constantly reviewing the most effective cleaning solutions, which exceed European Environmental, and Health & Safety requirements.

    Electrical equipment is regularly maintained and inspected in line with the “Electricity at Work” regulations.

    All our employees are trained on the safe use of cleaning materials and equipment. COSHH Data sheets and electrical equipment records are available through the document library on our website.

  • What should I be looking for in a cleaning quote?

    A detailed cleaning proposal, compliance documentation and a detailed specification. Two references from existing customers in a similar market.

  • What do you pay your cleaners?

    We are a real living wage company. The real living wage is £9 compared to £8.21 for the national living wage.

  • How do you ensure the quality of your staff?

    We interview the staff and take two references as a minimum. We ensure we have their proof of identification and right to work in the UK documentation. In certain sectors like schools, we do necessary DBS checks. And of course, we provide staff training.

  • Do you hold keys for our premises, and how safe are they?

    Yes, we can do. We have years of experience and have a coding system in place.

    Keys are secured in safes in our offices.

  • Do you do audits?

    Yes, we do monthly formal picture audits. These are available online through the customer portal.

  • Do you have a weekly minimum number of hours?

    Yes, our starting point is 10 hours per week cleaning.

  • What Commercial Cleaning rate should I be paying?

    Commercial Cleaning rates are the pricing structures put into place by Cleaning Companies. They can vary from company to company, and are dependent on many factors, including your geographical location, the frequency of cleans and the hours spent on each clean. Also the difficulty of recruitment in any given area which may mean having to pay a higher rate.

    For a typical office environment in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire; the price would be between £13 and £15 per hour. This would include materials, labour and equipment. See our blog on the average cost for Office Cleaning for more information.

    Keeping your office or business premises clean is just as important as keeping a clean home. There is a duty of care to each employee that working conditions are clean and comfortable. Hiring a commercial cleaning contractor leaves you free to take care of business!

    Most commercial cleaning services will be able to clean a variety of different premises. Even if your employees keep their work spaces clean and tidy, it may be necessary to schedule a regular clean, or at the very least an occasional deep clean, as dirt can build up over time. Most contractors will be happy to work outside of office hours, even on the weekends. Deep clean rates will be nearer to £20 per hour mark, depending on the type of work.

    It’s imperative to keep speciality facilities clean. For instance, hospitals, GP surgeries, dental surgeries and care homes all have to comply with CQC standards. This type of cleaning can be outside of the scope of a private individual, so hiring a contract cleaner with specialist knowledge is key.

    Regular cleaning will help keep your business pristine. When you hire a contract cleaner, they’ll provide you with a schedule of cleaning that works best for you and your business, which of course is dependent on the type of business you run.

    You can find out more about our costing model, service and what we offer here.

  • Where can I buy commercial cleaning supplies?

    You should expect your cleaning contractor to provide cleaning materials and equipment. You should expect them to be using colour coded mops, microfibre cloths and buckets. Consumable supplies include paper, soap and bin bags which are charged as an extra and which can be ordered through Brightr.

    There are many outlets that supply commercial cleaning supplies. You may wish to visit one of those large warehouse style facilities that require membership in order to purchase, or you may have a favourite online retailer that deliver to your business premises. However, wouldn’t it be one less hassle to let your cleaner handle the stock control and purchase of your cleaning equipment?

    Cleaning contractors such as Brightr provide all the products and equipment necessary for each and every job, even the specialist ones. As there are regulations and standards to adhere to, particularly in the case of CQC, we’re well equipped to deal with every stage of the cleaning process. Each of our cleaning staff are vetted, and undergo a rigorous training programme, so know exactly what products or chemicals to use for each job.

    Your business might be on smaller premises where storage of janitorial products and equipment could be problematic. Hiring a contract cleaner who provides all of this makes life easier, and eliminates the hassle of re ordering supplies, or maintaining expensive cleaning equipment.

    For more information on our service click here.

  • Why is office cleaning important?

    There are many reasons why it’s important to keep your office clean, aside from first impressions! Many companies try to cut costs by doing their own cleaning, and with the job falling to one or multiple people, standards can often slip when they’re too busy with their desk job to think about tidying and cleaning.

    As a business, you want to impress all who visit your premises, so ‘unclean’ can often portray an ‘unwelcome’ kind of vibe. Don’t be caught in the trap before your guests even set foot over the threshold! If you want customers and clients through your door, then you have to ‘invite’ them in to clean and well-maintained offices. They’ll be sure to return if you create a good first impression.

    As there is a duty of care to employees, health and safety plays a major part. And part of health and safety is to make sure that workers are comfortable and safe in their working environment. Studies carried out have found that desks and workstations are often dirtier than the toilets, containing up to 400 times the bacteria than is found on the average toilet seat!

    Phones and keyboards are the biggest culprit for the spread of germs and viruses. Home to over 25,000 microbes per square inch, phones need regular cleaning, particularly when you compare them to toilet seats which house only 49 microbes per square inch. Startling statistics!

    Cold viruses can survive for up to 72 hours on hard surfaces and these bacteria levels will only multiply throughout the day if left un-sanitised.

    The best way forward to ensure a more sterile environment is to undertake regular cleaning. Hiring a professional contractor will take that hassle away from you. Contractors like Brightr will supply all products and equipment needed for a thorough and professional job, making your office space not only clean to the eye, but hygienic and sanitary too.

    For more information on our service click here.

  • What is a deep clean?

    As the name suggests, deep cleaning is a deeper, more thorough clean, much like a spring clean for your office which can be carried out any time of the year. Most contractors would suggest a deep clean at least once a year alongside your usual cleaning service.

    Deep cleaning can vary depending of the premises, but will usually involve moving furniture, emptying drawers and cupboards, and getting into those hard to reach places where dirt can accumulate. Any carpeted areas would be vacuumed and then cleaned as would any upholstered furniture.

    A deep clean will not only spruce the place up, but will eliminate viruses and bacteria lurking deep in carpet and upholstery pile, as well at those regularly touched surfaces – light switches, keyboards, phones, water cooler buttons and desks etc.

    As there is a duty of care to your employees to make sure their working environment is clean and safe, an investment in regular contract cleaning will certainly help in that duty, and could even raise morale resulting in fewer absences. An annual deep clean will enhance your regular cleaning package. So what can you expect from a deep clean?

    • All furniture will be moved so that floors and carpets can be thoroughly vacuumed, cleaned and scrubbed (where necessary carpets will be shampooed and/or steam cleaned).
    • All cupboards and drawers emptied and cleaned inside and out.
    • All woodwork and door furniture wiped down.
    • All windows cleaned and soft furnishing (blinds and curtains) thoroughly vacuumed, including window sills and ledges.
    • Windows thoroughly cleaned.
    • All furniture wiped down and/or vacuumed.
    • All PC equipment and phones to be sanitised.
    • All bathroom toilets and sinks steam cleaned and descaled as necessary.
    • All kitchen cabinets and appliances emptied and cleaned thoroughly inside and out.
    • Walls and ceilings can be washed down if required.
    • Specialist floor treatments like strip and polish.

    For advice on any aspect of commercial cleaning, you can get in touch here.