Surgery & Medical Cleaning Services in Northampton

Brightr are hugely experienced in cleaning all types of medical centres from doctor’s surgeries and dentists to large walk-in day care facilities.

The larger facilities usually require a daytime presence and so a presentable, helpful cleaner is a key member of the team.

Health and Safety assessments are key as there are a variety of challenging situations that occur in the medical environment such as the waste disposal of sharps.

Security can also be a big issue in medical centres, with many of the larger facilities having a pharmacy, patient records and expensive equipment on site. Staff vetting both at interview and recruitment, as well as DBS checks are important. As is the friendly face of a cleaner who is happy and motivated to work in a public environment.

Increasingly important is the ability to staff these sites out of hours, particularly weekends and bank holidays as opening hours become more flexible.

This where our surgery and medical cleaning services are flexible. Based in Northampton, our team of experienced cleaners are available to help with all your cleaning needs.