School & College Cleaning Services in Northampton


Many schools have had the same cleaners for years, albeit with a succession of different contractors. This is generally because the decision making is price driven. This, combined with TUPE means there is little incentive for the new school cleaning contractor to invest in anything from training to equipment and materials. So it is easy to get “stuck”

Price is important of course, but we have generally found that efficiencies can be made by working with the school or college to develop new ways of working, as during the contract life, premises can evolve.

We have also found that better (or even, any!) supervision has a huge positive effect upon the morale of the staff.

Due to local authority, EU, and tendering regulations, we find that a school or college contract can be placed with a company that is over 100 miles away, with little or no local infrastructure. Combine that with the low return that they can expect to make, and the resulting lack of investment in staff and equipment is inevitable.

A good local supplier makes a big difference, and this is where our professional school cleaning services come in! Based in Northampton, close to you, we are your expert local supplier.

We understand how important it is for our staff to be uniformed and identifiable, both on the ground and through employee vetting. We are very familiar with DBS (formerly CRB) checks and maintain a secure database, compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998. We also recognise the importance of back-up and support staff being similarly vetted so we can ensure continuity of service.

We also have an in-house safeguarding officer at Brightr, to train our cleaners.

*as part of ongoing daily cleaning contract.