If you are a business owner, you’ll know how important it is to have your finger on the pulse! The major responsibilities any business faces need to be addressed and dealt with to ensure its smooth running and success. There are very few major issues or responsibilities that get overlooked, and so it may surprise you to learn that one of the most forgotten responsibilities is workplace cleanliness.

Cleanliness in the workplace isn’t just necessary for sanitary purposes, but also for the overall effect it has on employees’ productivity and their related projects.

For example, if we think about individual employees and their working areas, which of these 2 scenarios would you think was the most conducive to productivity?

Scenario 1

Employee X tidies their desk every evening before they leave work, clearing all washing up and personal items from the desk’s surface. The cleaning crew come in, and clean, dust and vacuum easily with minimum items to move. When the employee returns to work the next morning, they can see the care that has been taken with the cleaning, the décor is light and bright, and they take pride in keeping their surroundings clean and tidy. Office equipment is treated with respect and as it’s all cleaned regularly, is in good working order.

Scenario 2

Employee Y leaves washing up, drink spillages and crumbs over their desk. But it doesn’t matter as the cleaning crew will deal with it. Except the cleaners only come in once a week. But employee Y doesn’t really care, as the place is drab and uncared for and is in need of a lick of paint anyway. There is a lot of clutter in the workplace, and equipment is quite often lost as a result of lack of storage. Employee Y feels that it’s not their responsibility to tidy up, as nobody else bothers. They might just call in sick tomorrow anyway.

So, are you curious as to how a clean working environment can have such a big effect on how your employees perform? We’ve identified various ways in which a clean office can help get the best from your workforce.

Optimises Concentration

There is nothing worse than clutter to interrupt the brain function of your workforce. If there are messy desks and untidy surroundings, then it can be hard to concentrate. In order to keep your premises clean, the clutter needs to go!

Calm and clean surroundings will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your staff. Neutral décor and a few well-placed plants can also boost our mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that nurturing and caring for plants can reduce stress levels and decrease anxiety.

Renewed and improved focus will result in increased productivity so where your office is concerned, keep it clean!

Better Organisation

A well organised office space is a must if you are to keep productivity at an optimum. Misplaced files and lost equipment can cost you time and money. If your workplace is clean and organised then your staff will have no trouble in locating the tools of their trade, and there need be no interruption to business. There really is a lot to be said for ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’!

Fewer Sick Days

One of the biggest ways in which workplace cleanliness helps promote productivity is by cutting down on staff sickness. If employees work in a clean environment, it stands to reason that the risk of them becoming ill through germ and bacteria transference is greatly reduced.

Regular cleaning carried out by trained operatives helps keep germs and harmful bacteria at bay. According to the Health and Safety Executive, during 2020/21, 93,000 workers suffering from Covid-19 believe they were exposed to the virus at work. As we know, the virus is airborne and so many of that number will have contracted it whether their workplace was clean or not. But for others, exposure via uncleaned surfaces will almost certainly have infected them.

Employees will have a positive mindset if they are starting their day in a fresh and clean environment.

Builds and Strengthens Morale

Whatever the size of your team, morale is an important factor in ensuring the smooth running of your company. Morale is often thought of in terms of incentives, rewards, team building activities and the like, but a crucial part of the whole picture is workplace cleanliness.

If you provide a clean and sanitary environment for your workforce, you might just find they’ll go the extra mile for you; a solid foundation for company morale will literally underpin your clean and tidy building.

Minimises stress

The majority of individuals thrive in a clean and tidy environment. Subjecting workers to carry out their daily tasks in dirty or unkempt surroundings will undoubtedly be detrimental to their physical and mental health. Poor physical health will lead to more sick days, and poor mental health (including stress and anxiety) could lead to a below par performance or ultimately, more sick days.

A clean office will lift the mood, improve health, and keep stress to a minimum.

Maximises Motivation

A major factor in productivity in your workplace will be the motivation of your employees. If there is a lack of motivation, then their work is going to suffer; the speed in which they carry out their tasks is likely to wane as will the quality.

Therefore, you should do everything possible to ensure your workforce are as motivated as they can be. Workplace cleanliness is key, as this will project a positive image and convey clear and conclusive evidence that, as an employer, you care.

Minimises the Risk of Accidents

Illness isn’t the only harm that can be done to your employees in a dirty and cluttered workplace. No matter how busy or fast paced your business is, the health and safety of your staff must be a priority. Slips, trips, and falls are more often than not caused by substances that have spilled onto floors and not been cleaned up. Walkways and corridors should be kept clear of debris and other hazards to avoid accidents. From the quietest office to the busiest factory, your duty of care to each and every staff member is imperative, and a clean and tidy work premises is a major factor in that.

Improves Staff Retention

No employer relishes the thought of a high turnover of staff. When employees leave after a relatively short time period it can create a ‘don’t care’ culture within the rest of the staff. Often, employers will need to drill down into why they cannot retain their staff. Of course, employees leave their jobs for a variety of reasons, but an unkempt and dirty working environment could well contribute. That ‘don’t care’ culture we mentioned might just stem from you!

Your business depends on quality employees; for the sake of retaining them and not ultimately losing money, keep it clean!

Encourages Care, and Attention to Detail

If you’d like your staff to care about the big things, then it stands to reason that care needs to start with the small details. From looking after company equipment to looking after themselves, a clean office can have such a positive impact! It can create an environment of responsibility and respectfulness which in turn leads to greater productivity. When your employees don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of their surroundings, they’ll be better motivated to take on the tasks of the day.

Would you like to boost productivity within your business?

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