Health & Safety Policy

  • It is the policy of Brightr Ltd to make every possible effort to ensure the health and safety of all company employees, and those of our customers, as far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Brightr Ltd employees will receive training in their responsibilities for health and safety, safe working practices and accident prevention. All employees have a responsibility to support the policy of Brightr Ltd and to conform to all of the rules and advice issued by Brightr.
  • Brightr Ltd will provide modern equipment, take all reasonable steps to ensure its safety and provide good quality materials. Brightr Ltd employees will be trained in the safe use of equipment and materials deployed. Employees are expected to contribute to a safe and healthy working environment and in this regard must report to their immediate superior, any suspected hazard or deficiency which may be relevant.
  • Brightr Ltd employees who have specific responsibilities for health and safety must ensure they are carried out and, in the event of absence, the responsibilities are assumed by another member of staff.
  • Brightr Ltd will seek to arrange and exchange relevant information with each customer with respect to risk assessments carried out at the customer’s premises.
  • Chris Savage of Brightr Ltd has overall responsibility for health and safety compliance within the company.
  • This policy will be reviewed from time to time and employees advised of any changes.