Office Cleaning Services & Cleaners in Milton Keynes


Are you looking for reliable, trustworthy office cleaning services in Milton Keynes? Our team of vetted and supervised cleaners are here to help.

We believe our office cleaning services should be transparent, so that our customers can see we have fulfilled our end of the deal to the best of our ability! Whether you’re looking for a one-off deep clean or ongoing contract we can help. We offer various services including:

Daily Office Cleaning in Milton Keynes

The environment in which you spend much of your time should meet high standards of hygiene. It has an effect on not only the professional appearance of your work space but staff morale, motivation, creativity and productivity. We are happy to come to your Milton Keynes office to undertake an initial site survey and specification. We always follow certain principles:

  • Two references taken as a minimum
  • Regular supervision of our cleaners
  • Building security routines
  • Recruitment of diligent, trustworthy cleaners
  • Vetting if appropriate
  • All of our cleaners are uniformed and wear a name badge

There’s nothing more irritating than beginning a new day and noticing how the bins haven’t been emptied, or the same coffee mark has stayed on your desk for days, or perhaps the same bit of carpet has been missed again. This is why our recruitment process is so thorough, ensuring we employ only the right people for the business who will perform to our high standards. We believe good people and good systems deliver the right culture.

Computer & IT Cleaning Services

Over time you might find that your technical equipment becomes dirty and a magnet to dust. The Brightr team are well experienced in undertaking PC cleans for our clients in Milton Keynes. Our technical team will conduct a full risk assessment of your office, and the items within them. We have a full understanding of what can and what can’t be cleaned. Our cleaners will work as efficiently as possible to cause minimum disruption to your business. Ceiling voids, underfloor cabling, server racks and switch rooms are areas that we are familiar with.

Floor Cleaning Services

Did you know a dirty carpet can hold four times its weight in dust mites, skin cells, dust, bacteria and many other types of allergens? These can cause havoc with allergy sufferers, and could end up making you sick. Minimise staff sick days! Well-kept floors make all the difference to an office, and we provide regular carpet spot cleans as part of our Milton Keynes office cleaning services.

For carpet cleans, we use either hot water extraction or the Texatherm rotary system which is designed to kill dust mites which can affect those who suffer with conditions such as asthma. Hard floors are usually mopped or spray buffed on a daily basis as part of your standard office clean. In order to keep hard floor surfaces in the best condition, we usually suggest periodic stripping and re-sealing.

Deep Cleans

Kitchens and toilets quite often require periodic deep cleaning, at Brightr we have a dedicated team who are well experienced in these areas. Using the best materials and equipment, we can turn your toilets from drab to fab. You might just be surprised at we can achieve and the quality of the result!

If you have any questions regarding our office cleaning services in Milton Keynes, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our friendly team on 01604 556677.