Brightr Costing Model

How we specify and quote for a job

In the majority of cases, a change from one contract cleaning company to another will involve a TUPE transfer. TUPE stands for Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment. This means that the cleaners have the right to transfer to the new cleaning company. You can end up with the same staff doing the same number of hours. So why change – there seems to be very little incentive? Actually, there is every incentive. Please read on…

At Brightr Cleaning we go back a step. Instead of simply asking you the current number of hours and staff, we will undertake a detailed survey your site: customers sites evolve, after all. We can then quote based on the job that you have specified rather than giving you a like for like quote where the only differentiation is price. Our price may be lower, it may be higher. But it is based on your needs. Bidding the same number of hours at a lower price will only affect one thing and that is quality.

We use professional surveying tools and the latest costing software – the “Brightr Costing Model”- which is bespoke to Brightr Cleaning and based upon our experience of cleaning times in many different environments over many years. Please take a read of our blog post detailing office cleaning and its average cost in the UK for further information.

Once we are clear on the job specification, we can then have the conversation about TUPE. And, of course, if there is a gap between the job that needs to be done and the current staff configuration then that is something that can be addressed swiftly and professionally. Changes can be made.