Our Market Sectors

Commercial office cleaning is the core of our business. We understand the importance of doing a job well whilst causing minimal disruption to the functioning of the office: we fit in. We clean very large office complexes as well as small offices. We clean before, during or after office hours – it’s your choice. Each member of staff will be uniformed and have a name badge: we want to be friendly, but it is also important for you to be able to identify your contractors. Our supervisors will visit each of our sites at least three times per week and will be your main point of contact for day to day communication.

We will work with you to devise the best schedule for the cleaners-dealing with variables such as heavy versus light traffic areas, eating areas, toilets and reception areas. No two businesses are the same – each one will have its own idiosyncracies.

In addition to the standard daily routine, we are very experienced in dealing with ad hoc requests such as kitchen or toilet deep cleans, carpet cleaning, specialist hard floor cleaning and pest control. Also, within a wider facilities role, things like meeting room set up, post room staffing, reception staffing and many other soft facilities roles.

Each customer will have a main point of contact at Brightr and that will generally be the site supervisor.  Instructions can then be easily communicated to the cleaners on site.

Distribution Centres

The dynamics of a large distribution centre demand certain workflow processes to keep on top of the site.

Eating areas and toilet facilities will take a battering at break time but also at shift change over. Quite often there will be a conflict between visitor facilities and staff facilities and this needs to be taken into account. Although the main office staff will occupy the building between 0800 and 1800, transport operation could be 24 hours. And so on.

Large scale periodic work, often on the shop floor side of the operation is also usual. This can include cleaning of the floors, racking, toilets, ceiling, lighting and so on. We are experienced in all of these aspects and will work with you so that such tasks can be planned and budgeted for.

Manufacturing Sites

Manufacturing sites bring their own challenges from a cleaning point of view, again with the trade off between the requirements of the shop floor and the needs of the office staff.

There may be health and safety concerns, depending upon what is being manufactured, that demand special attention in terms of cleaner training on risk assessments and method statements.

It is more usual for the cleaning staff to be onsite during the day, when the customers own staff are present. This means that common sense, sociability and approachability are more important than usual.

Commercial Premises

Commercial offices used to keep more conventional hours than distribution centres and manufacturing sites, but with flexible working, the increase in 24hour call centres and the like, the distinction is becoming more blurred.

So, as always, the job specification must match the customers’ needs. Commercial offices will often have several meeting or presentation facilities that require flexibility in the cleaning.  A huge number of people eat at their desks these days, which means that extra care needs to be taken in those areas, and also the nearby computers. (What is your company’s computer cleaning policy?)

There is supposedly less paper about these days, but we all know that there is still plenty about. What about a clear desk policy?

And, of course, many commercial premises will be cleaned outside normal hours. At Brightr we undertake an in depth interview with all of our staff and we always take up a minimum of 2 references. If we are asked to set alarms (and we are, very often) then all keys and alarm codes or fobs are held securely. Also they are held under codes, which makes them impossible to trace back to the site.