Brightr Workflow Manager

How we train, manage and monitor our staff

There is a temptation in the current tech age to think that there’s an app for everything and that if it’s not this week’s fashion then it won’t work. We are not quite that black and white about life at Brightr. We think there is a place for the new and a place for the old. We train our staff in the traditional way (demonstrating how to use a mop properly, for instance) and we supervise them in a traditional way too, by checking their work!

But we also use a tool called “Brightr Workforce Manager” which is a smartphone based, location and workflow tool. Not only can we see where staff are, in real time, we can reinforce work schedules and flexibly communicate changes to those schedules. It provides visibility and also reassurance that you are getting the hours that you are paying for.

One of the biggest complaints in the office cleaning industry is that cleaners arrive late and leave early. With our systems, you get what you pay for. It is also great for lone worker protection.

It provides visibility and has several different methods of raising the alarm depending on the situation. This ranges from a movement sensor to a panic button.