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How to Maximise Office Hygiene, Safety and Wellbeing

It’s a natural reaction to be a little anxious or nervous about returning to work after months of working from home or being furloughed. It could almost feel like the first day of a new job, as although the surroundings will be familiar there will undoubtedly have been changes made, however slight. The pandemic has […]

The Germiest Places in your Office

Before the Coronavirus crisis hit, it’s fair to say that most office based workers were spending many of their waking hours in the workplace. Since restrictions have eased and more of us return to work, even part time hours could see us spending 20 hours or more back in the office. Maintaining a clean and […]

COVID-19: Tackling Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has left almost every industry sector grasping to keep their businesses afloat.  The knock on effect from lost or reduced business has filtered down to the Commercial Cleaning sector with gusto.  That said, the cleaning industry is one that can survive and ultimately thrive as we move forward into […]

Promoting Good Hygiene at Work

Every business, healthcare facility, school or place of worship has the potential to be an infection hub. The more people that reside or visit there, the higher the risk of the spread of germs and infection. Bacteria and viruses spread quickly from person to person, and we all know as we live through the current […]

Can Office Cleaning improve your business?

It is really important to make sure your surroundings are clean, not just at home, but at work too.  Office work usually means that people are in fairly close proximity to one another, so hygiene and cleanliness are key, especially in the unprecedented times that we find ourselves in.  There are many affordable office cleaning […]

Cleaning your Workplace to Reduce the Risks of COVID-19

An employer’s first duty of care is to their staff, and as such you must protect them from harm. As the phased return to work is underway for most businesses, this means that reasonable steps must be taken to protect everybody from contracting Coronavirus. The virus, just like other cold and flu viruses, can be […]

Staying Safe when Returning to Work

With business set to restart over the coming weeks, many people will be understandably nervous about venturing out to work in the wake of the current Coronavirus pandemic.  They’ll have spent the last few months in the safety of their own home, either furloughed or working from home.  As they return to the office, and […]