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The Role of Cleaning in Facilities Management

Facilities management encompasses a broad range of services and activities that are designed to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of an organisation’s physical environment. This can include managing and maintaining buildings, infrastructure, utilities, and services. Facilities management tasks can be split into two categories; hard FM services which concerns the like of maintenance and […]

What Should Office Managers Look for in a Cleaning Company?

Office managers play a critical role in maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. When seeking to engage the services of a cleaning company, they should consider several crucial factors to ensure the workspace remains pristine. We’ve created a comprehensive guide, delving into what office managers should look for in a cleaning company. 1. Reputation […]

Supporting a Living Wage in the UK Cleaning Sector

The issue of ‘a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work’ is a critical aspect of ensuring economic stability and social justice in any country. In the UK, the cleaning sector plays a vital role in maintaining clean and hygienic environments in many and varied settings, from offices and schools to hospitals and public […]

Why Does Cleanliness Matter in a School Environment?

Cleanliness in a school environment is of utmost importance for several compelling reasons. A clean school provides a conducive atmosphere for learning, promotes better health among students and staff, instils discipline and responsibility, and sets a positive example for students. Undertaking commercial cleaning in a school of any size comes with challenges, but at Brightr […]

Tips and Strategies for Maintaining a Clean Workplace During Autumn

As autumn sweeps in with its vibrant foliage and cooler temperatures, it also brings unique challenges for maintaining a clean workplace. The changing season ushers in falling leaves, increased moisture, and the potential for more clutter, making it crucial to implement effective strategies for cleanliness and hygiene. We’ve put together some essential tips and practices […]

What Is the Difference Between In-House and Contract Cleaning?

Cleanliness is a fundamental aspect of any business or organisation. A clean and well-maintained environment not only creates a positive impression but also contributes to the health and well-being of employees and visitors. When it comes to maintaining cleanliness, businesses have two primary options; whether to opt for in-house cleaning or to employ the services […]

Why is it Important to Clean Doctors’ Surgeries?

Maintaining cleanliness in a doctor’s surgery is of paramount importance for several significant reasons. A clean and hygienic environment is not just an aesthetic concern; it directly impacts patient health, staff morale, infection control, and the overall quality of healthcare services provided. We’ve explored the critical reasons why cleanliness in a doctor’s surgery is essential. […]

Why is it Important to Clean a Dentist’s Surgery?

A clean environment is paramount in any healthcare setting, and a dentist’s surgery is no exception. The importance of cleaning in a dentist’s surgery cannot be overstated, as it directly affects the health and safety of both patients and staff, the quality of care provided, and the overall reputation of the practice. A well-maintained and […]

So, How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost?

The cleaning sector has seen considerable growth in the UK in recent years. Companies have become far more aware of the threat of infection caused by bacteria and germ transference, particularly in the workplace. A greater emphasis has been put on the need for cleaning particularly in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Commercial cleaning […]