5 Top Christmas Office Party Cleaning Tips

With Christmas only just around the corner, we’re all feeling festive and keen to celebrate! Companies across the nation are throwing Christmas parties to acknowledge a year of hard work and to give their employees a chance to celebrate in a relaxed atmosphere. But with office parties comes the inevitable clean up afterwards.

Having your workplace ready for business as usual either before or just after the holidays is essential if you don’t want business interrupted.

There are hints and tips you can follow to help prepare for your office Christmas party and to ease the Big Clean afterwards. We recommend you:

Clean as you go

Bringing in extra rubbish and recycling bins can take a huge amount of pressure from cleaning after an event. Make it easy for all guests to be able to dispose of any rubbish they accumulate. Litter and party paraphernalia is less likely to build up if there are bins provided.

Keep an eagle eye out for spills; if they’re dealt with swiftly then you’re less likely to have a sticky dried on stain to deal with later.

Leaving everything until the end of the night will put sole responsibility onto whoever is cleaning up, but using visual reminders (e.g. clear signage for bins etc) for your attendees will distribute some of the tidying.

Use disposable plates and cups

Who wants a mountain of crockery to wash up after a party? Using disposable plates, cutlery and cups cuts the cleaning time down enormously. There are some very reasonable recyclable alternatives, and you’ll also slash the risk of breakages when items are inevitably dropped. A few drinks can give people butter fingers!

Protect furniture and surfaces

An easy way to make sure your desks and table surfaces are protected is to use tablecloths, and better still disposable ones. When the party is over just bundle up the cloth along with any paper plates and cups, and you can dispose of the lot in one fell swoop!

If you’re worried about extra footfall on your floors and carpets, extra heavy-duty mats near all entrances will help protect them, capturing mud, water and dirt.

Streamline your stress

Planning a big party, Christmas or otherwise, can be a serious drain on your time when you already have a day job to take care of! Making sure your office looks festive, booking catering, sorting music as well as sending invites to your guests and employees all takes up precious business hours. Why not save yourself the stress of cleaning by talking to your cleaning contractor about their ad-hoc services. You may be able to add some cleaning hours to your contract by hiring the professionals to take care of a deep clean after the party. When they’ve finished, your premises will be clean and tidy and ready for business!

Hire the Professionals

At Brightr we have many years of experience in the commercial cleaning services industry. We have been faced with a wide variety of requirements and have developed our skills and services around these so we can perfectly match your cleaning needs with our expert cleaners.

Whether you are looking for a one-off solution or ongoing contract our team are here to help. One of our managers will visit your premises and make the necessary recommendations regarding how often our cleaners should visit, how often particular areas should be cleaned, and whether we need to provide you with a deep clean and how often this might need to happen. We won’t just duplicate the existing contract as we want to make sure that you get exactly what you need when it comes to our commercial cleaning services.

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