Why Some Commercial Cleaning Companies Provide a Poor Service

When you need to hire a cleaning contractor, it’s important to find a reputable and professional provider with positive reviews and recommendations. You need to feel like your premises is in good hands, and that you can trust your cleaning team when you’re not on site.

Many commercial cleaning companies sadly give the industry a bad name. Their customer service is poor, their staff untrained and they deliver an inadequate service. So how can companies like this trade successfully, and why do these problems occur so regularly? Well, the answer to the first part of the question is that ‘success’ can be a two sided coin; unfortunately, some second-rate cleaning contractors can leave a trail of dissatisfied, short term clients and then move on to newer, trusting prospects. The second part of the question is a little broader. Here are some of the reasons.

Bad Management

The cleaning industry is huge in the UK and many business-minded entrepreneurs assume that a contract cleaning business will make them easy money without knowing the challenges and pitfalls. Cleaning may seem easy, but many aspects of it are skilled. Knowing how to deal with health and safety issues, risk assessments, hiring competent team members, all whilst delivering a professional service isn’t as easy as it looks!

Cutting Corners

The size of the contract will depend on how many cleaners and which cleaning supplies are sent to get the job done. Sadly, not all cleaning companies are willing to invest which could result in a substandard job being done. For example, they may only send 3 cleaners for a 4 person job, or cleaning materials may be of an inferior standard. This all adds up to teams cutting corners in a rush to get things done, as manpower or equipment isn’t up to specification.

Lack of training

As stated earlier, many people assume “it’s just cleaning, how hard can it be?” without realising there are many protocols to follow, especially with health and safety and the use of hazardous chemicals. In addition, there is a variety of equipment needed for specialised cleaning jobs. Without adequate training, these machines can be dangerous pieces of equipment.

Knowing how to clean and care for different surfaces is only something that can be learned through training and experience. Providing a high level of training and vetting is just as important in the cleaning industry as it is for any other.

Poor Communication

Sometimes there may be issues with the service you receive, but this isn’t just confined to the cleaning part of the contract. Customers are very particular about instructions and expectations about their cleaning contract, and the contractors need to be transparent. There should be a communications system in place from the outset, so that a client can reach their account manager easily and without disruption to the service.

Providing feedback is an important aspect of any service, so that improvements can be made if needed. Likewise, giving the client regular reports and arranging inspections is valuable in order to maintain a long lasting and rewarding working relationship.


Here at Brightr, we ensure that all our cleaners provide us with two references, undergo a rigorous training program, and agree to close supervision of their cleaning. With this process, we can promise commercial cleaning services of the highest possible standard. Each of our team are uniformed and badged so that they are easily identifiable. You can request a no obligation quote here.

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