Using a Commercial Cleaning Contractor Could Make your Workplace Safer!

You want your business to be clean and tidy; that’s why you would hire a cleaning contractor in the first place. To keep on top of the day to day cleaning is a really hard undertaking if kept in-house, so entrusting your business to a contractor can take the burden from your shoulders. In short, you need them! But there are other benefits to investing in regular commercial cleaning. By employing a contractor on a regular basis, you’ll be looking after the health and safety of your staff, and any other visitor that enters your building.

Vast experience in the commercial cleaning sector tells us that regular cleaning can bring other benefits to your workplace, which is important as we plough on through the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ve highlighted a few as follows:

Kill germs dead

High traffic areas and regular touch points are a haven for germs and bacteria to settle and multiply. Your contractor will clean all these surfaces and touch points (light switches, door handles, desk surfaces, phones and IT equipment etc), preferably with an anti-bacterial cleaner to eliminate as much bacteria as possible.

Carpets and soft furnishings can also be a problem, particularly for anyone who suffers from asthma. Dust mites and other allergens are known to trigger asthma attacks, so keeping these furnishings clean is a must!

Clear visibility

Many companies hire the services of an exterior window cleaner, forgetting about the interiors. Of course, the outsides are bound to become dirtier than the interiors, but let’s not forget the benefit of having clean windows inside and out. A clean window lets in more natural light which is known to enhance productivity.


Hard flooring can be a slipping hazard if it’s not cleaned properly. In high traffic areas, like the staff room/canteen and toilets, floors need to be cleaned regularly and kept free from debris. Spilled liquids can make floors slippery, and accumulation of dirt and grime can make them feel quite greasy. Not a good combination for a busy workplace.

A cleaning contractor will make sure hard floor are cleaned and treated as necessary.

Prevent trips and falls

Clearing litter and clutter is essential to keep floors clear and your contractor will take care of this each time they visit. Trailing cables can be dangerous and are an obvious tripping hazard, so your contractor will report anything which needs attention. You have a duty of care to every person who enters your building, including your cleaning contractor!

Encourage good hygiene

Of course, keeping a clean and germ free workplace isn’t just the job of the cleaning team. Your employees should all keep good hygiene habits to stop the spread of infection and germs. Washing their hands more frequently, sneezing into a tissue or the crook of an elbow, and cleaning hands after sneezing or nose blowing will help. Provide them with hand sanitising gel if there is no easy access to hand washing facilities.

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