Tips for Keeping your Office Kitchen Clean

The office Kitchen can cause unnecessary stress for its users; it can be a battle to keep clean and organisation can go out the window when there are high numbers of staff in and out 5 days a week. But there are strategies that can be put in place to help keep your staff room clean and tidy.

Stock up on cleaning supplies

If there is no access to decent cleaning supplies, then staff will have no incentive to try to keep things clean and tidy in the kitchen. If spills and food residue are left unchecked, then they can become a health hazard which is bad news in a food prep area.

A good stock of cleaning sprays, soaps and detergents, clean cloths, and paper towels, means spills can be wiped up and dirty cups, plates and dishes can be washed up immediately.

Get appliances that are fit for purpose

If you have a medium to large workforce and they’re all using a plate, cup or mug and various pieces of cutlery every day, then that can add up to a large number of dirty dishes. Invest in a dishwasher; dirty items can be loaded in immediately by the user, leaving counter tops free of debris.

To help maintain tidiness in the kitchen you’ll need a fridge big enough for the whole workforce; it needs to have room to store packed lunches, milk, and other sundries. This will also stop counter tops being cluttered.

Have bins emptied regularly

Bins can soon start to emit nasty smells, particularly in warmer weather. If leftover food has been thrown away it can attract flies and other insects, not to mention vermin if not emptied regularly. Make sure that kitchen bins are emptied daily to avoid insect infestation and to avoid bad smells.

Organise storage effectively

Consider all the consumables that need to be stored in your staff room. If your workforce is large enough, then you may have bulk supplies to find homes for. Supplies do need to be easily accessible, and in cupboards within the room, but surplus stock can be stored in a dedicated storage cupboard elsewhere. Boxes or piles of items will not only look untidy but can also gather dust and accumulate dirt before they’ve even been used, so a stock cupboard is a must for bulk buy consumables.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Contractor

Even if you have the most cleaning conscientious staff in your business, there are still tasks that need fulfilling that they just won’t have time for. A professional cleaning contractor has the time and expertise to clean efficiently and thoroughly, looking out for stray spills and crumbs!

Using the appropriate cleaning products is essential to ensure that fixtures and fittings are maintained correctly, and not inadvertently ruined. Your cleaning contractor will have specialist knowledge and have undertaken training in Health and Safety.


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