We understand that keeping your workplace de-cluttered and organised is vital for a smooth- running workplace, also how important it is to have a  cleaning schedule for the maintenance of a clean and hygienic office, where staff can feel motivated to work.

According to an academic study by Roswell (2012) office kitchens and canteens are crawling with bacteria; and we thought the bathrooms were the epicentre! The study collected nearly 5,000 individual swabs from offices housing more than 3,000 employees. The offices represented a variety of sectors including manufacturing, commercial, health care companies and IT companies.

 Some of the office germ “hot-spots” that were found through this study were canteen sink taps and microwave door handles; surfaces which are touched by office workers on a regular basis.

 The study found high levels of contamination in the following places:

1.       75% sink tap handles

2.       48% microwave door handles

3.       27% keyboards

4.       26% refrigerator handles

5.       23% water fountain buttons

6.       21% vending machine buttons

It was evident through the study that individual desks and phones were much cleaner, indicating that employees appear to take care of their own personal spaces. However there is a need to increase the awareness of hand and surface hygiene in the office. The bottom line of the study suggests that office workers are exposed to illness caused by bacteria in their shared office spaces and canteens.

This is where Brightr Cleaning and Facilities can play a crucial role as your contract cleaner. Our services can successfully disinfect the common office areas at the end of each day. We can help you create a daily cleaning schedule that focuses on key areas and create a cleaning schedule which will fit with your needs.

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