Knowing the Difference Between Clean and Sanitised

Many people are mistaken when they think that because something has been cleaned, it’s sanitised.  So does your commercial cleaning company understand the difference?

Thousands of germs are spread in common areas of the workplace; your personal workstation alone could harbour millions of potentially infectious germs.  They multiply at alarming rates and are present on your phone, your keyboard and mouse, and even on your pens and pencils.  A polish and dust might make everything look clean but it won’t kill off the germs that the eye can’t see!

A professional cleaning contractor should understand the importance of killing germs, which means properly sanitising, and not just wiping over surfaces with a general purpose cleaning product; this could just move the germs around, instead of eradicating them.  The use of correct anti-bacterial products is imperative if surfaces are to be germ free as well as sparkling clean.

Business owners are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of sickness in the office, and they also have a duty of care to employees to ensure that they provide a safe working environment.  By going back to basics and ensuring that their place of work is clean AND sanitised regularly, the spread of cold and flu bacteria will be greatly reduced.  Clean and sanitary kitchens and bathrooms will also reduce the risk of any potential tummy upsets!  Absent employees can be costly to any business, so investing in a professional cleaning service can only be money well spent!

If you are looking for professional commercial cleaning services from a provider who knows the difference between clean and sanitised, get in touch here!

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