COVID-19: Tackling Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has left almost every industry sector grasping to keep their businesses afloat.  The knock on effect from lost or reduced business has filtered down to the Commercial Cleaning sector with gusto.  That said, the cleaning industry is one that can survive and ultimately thrive as we move forward into the ‘new normal’, whilst we wait for a vaccine to be found.

Right from the start of the pandemic widespread business closures meant that there was little or no need for commercial cleaning services.  The short term outlook for many cleaning companies was bleak.

It seemed for a time that every daily bulletin from the government was issuing new or updated guidance.  Information about how to deal with the virus could sometimes seem conflicting leaving strategists at a loss as to how to move forward safely.

Challenge or Opportunity?

Why not both? Every challenge, however difficult, can create new opportunities.

Cleaning services are still a concern at a time when purse strings are being tightened, especially as many businesses are only employing a skeleton staff. But many of the larger businesses want and need more frequent cleaning as they navigate their way through a new way of working in a more responsible way.

Companies are now looking for daytime cleaning and disinfection within their daily schedule of cleaning.  The challenge with this is having the staff available to facilitate the almost unceasing and round the clock work required!

Update and Upgrade

At Brightr, this time gave us the opportunity to learn more about infection control within our local communities.  Our service offering changed somewhat with the addition of Coronavirus COVID-19 Deep Cleaning and Sanitisation in a bid to help contain the risk of infection within local businesses.

Because of the nature of the virus and it being completely unprecedented, before COVID the demand for disinfection and sanitisation services were not at the levels we find today.  We received countless enquiries and requests for help as the public tried to get to grips with the levels of hygiene required to combat infection rates. This extra communication with our clients has enabled us to respond to their apprehension about bringing employees back to work, their visitor footfall, and the levels of cleaning they should expect once they reopened their businesses.

The Reality

Once thing is for sure; the challenges will remain for the foreseeable future. With local lockdowns being enforced at a moment’s notice, the shifts in expectation of cleaning (and trying to ascertain which services will be needed and when), are far from palpable. In an effort to keep costs stable and retain your clients, the best advice is to remain in contact, continue engagement and be ready to start work as soon as you’re called upon.

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