Businesses and organisations are searching for ways to keep their
employees secure and to continue working throughout this unprecedented period.
Brightr Ltd. will provide skilled sanitising and disinfecting daily services of minimum 2 hours, for those important businesses. An effective way to keep the work atmosphere clean is to periodically sanitise and disinfect all surfaces and most importantly the touch points. 

Brightr Ltd. also uses Ultra Ax from Clover chemicals, a brand new viricidal / bactericidal disinfectant from Clover Chemicals is effective against Coronavirus andInfluenza Virus. Ultra AX is a proven disinfectant which is safe to use on all touch surfaces that are washable.

This will be followed by a Chlorine spray of 250-1000 PPM which will remove germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria from your office and factor. We also specialise in customising the sanitisation plan to individual client needs. 
If you also order our Hand Sanitiser and Dispenser service, we will also ensure your dispenser are always topped up as a part of the daily sanitisation task. Service options include:
  • Minimum 2 hours complete wipe down of all touch points and surfaces with Ultra Ax followed by Chlorine solution (250-1000PPM) 
  • Hand sanitiser and dispenser top up
  • Optional: Regularly scheduled office cleaning 
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning and sanitising
To learn more about their sanitising services now, call Brightr Ltd. to keep
the workplace and company cleaner and better in the days and months ahead