Clean Away Your Stress and Anxiety

It’s really easy to get bogged down in the daily grind that is life, and to sometimes feel we aren’t coping as we think we should.  Day to day stresses and strains can be exhausting!  But with mental health being such a hot topic, people are talking about it in a much more open way than ever before.

So what do we do when we’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed? Medication isn’t always the go-to cure that it once was, as more and more sufferers are finding alternative ways to deal with their conditions. Meditation and yoga have proven to be a god send for those not wanting to take the anti-depressant route, and mindfulness apps are more popular than ever before.  A day at the spa may be just the thing you need to get a day of complete relaxation if you’re stressed, but it may surprise you to learn that more people are reaching for cleaning products in order to work out some of that pent up angst, which has proven to be every bit as effective for our mental health as some of the more relaxing or sedate alternatives.

Why exactly does polishing, dusting and vacuuming have such a positive effect on well-being? Maybe it’s because it gives a sense of control over our environment? When all is said and done, the act of cleaning will calm the mind and lift our mood due to the sense of satisfaction we achieve.  We also know that exercise releases endorphins, and an hour of minimum effort housework can burn over 100 calories, so in fact cleaning is a form of exercise!

The aromas and scents of some of the cleaning products we use can also have a positive impact on our mood, and when our sense of smell is aroused by these fragrances, motivation and energy levels increase whilst feelings of stress and anxiety decrease.

There is also one sure fire way to help declutter your mind – declutter your surroundings!  There’s nothing worse than a feeling of “unfinished business” and our senses can be overstimulated by too much ‘stuff’.  Tidy up, put things away, clear the decks!

If you ever wondered why we’re such a happy team at Brightr, now you know!

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