Best Practice For The Recruitment And Training Of The Best Cleaning Staff

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, recruiting and retaining the best staff is crucial for any organisation’s success. And in the cleaning industry, the cleanliness and hygiene of the premises play a crucial role in creating a positive and professional environment. To ensure impeccable cleanliness, it is essential to recruit and train the best cleaning staff.

The recruitment and training processes play a pivotal role in ensuring that the company attracts focussed and loyal candidates and develops their talent. By implementing best practices in these areas, cleaning businesses can maximise their chances of acquiring and nurturing the best staff members. We’ve pinpointed the key best practices for recruitment and training.


  • Define Clear Job Requirements – To attract the best staff, it is imperative to clearly define job requirements, including necessary qualifications, skills, and experience. This ensures that the business targets suitable candidates who possess the desired competencies.
  • Utilise Multiple Sourcing Channels – Relying on a single sourcing channel limits the pool of potential candidates. Expanding the recruitment process to include various channels such as job boards, social media platforms, professional networks, and employee referrals can lead to a broader and more diverse candidate pool.
  • Conduct Thorough Interviews – Interviews provide an opportunity to assess candidates’ suitability for each role. Structured interviews with standardised questions and assessment criteria help ensure fairness and consistency. Additionally, incorporating behavioural and situational questions can shed light on candidates’ problem-solving abilities and cultural fit.

Cleaning staff should have a strong work ethic, the ability to work independently, and a customer-centric approach. Conducting background checks and contacting references can provide further insights into a candidate’s work history and reliability.

  • Assess Cultural Fit – Hiring candidates who align with the organisation’s values, mission, and culture is crucial for long-term success. Assessing cultural fit through interviews, reference checks, and even informal meetings can help determine if candidates will thrive within the business’ environment.

Here at Brightr, in order to become a member of our team, our cleaners must provide us with two references, undergo a rigorous training program, and agree to close supervision of their cleaning. With this process, we are able to promise you medical, industrial, office and commercial cleaning services of the highest possible standard. Not only this, each of our team will attend your premises uniformed and badged so that you are able to easily identify them when they are visiting.


  • Develop a Comprehensive Training Programme – Once the right candidates are selected, a comprehensive training program is vital to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge. The training should cover various aspects of cleaning, including proper handling and use of cleaning equipment and products, knowledge of different surfaces and their cleaning requirements, and adherence to safety protocols. It is essential to provide both theoretical and hands-on training to ensure that the cleaning staff can effectively perform their duties.

In addition to technical skills, training should also focus on soft skills such as communication and customer service. Cleaning staff often interact with employees, clients, or visitors, and therefore need to possess excellent interpersonal skills. They should be trained on professional communication, active listening, and resolving issues or complaints in a courteous and efficient manner. A positive and friendly demeanour can enhance the overall experience of those on the premises.

  • Performance Assessments – Conducting regular performance assessments and identifying skill gaps allows for targeted training interventions, enabling employees to reach their full potential.
  • Encourage Continuous Learning – Promote a culture of continuous learning and professional growth within the organisation. Encourage employees to attend seminars, workshops, and conferences relevant to their roles. Implementing a robust learning management system that offers a variety of resources further facilitates ongoing learning.
  • Evaluate Training Effectiveness – Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of training programs to ensure they are meeting their objectives. Collect feedback from employees and assess their performance improvements post-training. This feedback loop helps identify areas for improvement and refine training initiatives accordingly.
  • Foster a Positive Work Environment – A positive work environment plays a vital role in staff retention and productivity. Encourage open communication, collaboration, and recognition of employees’ achievements.

By following these best practices in recruitment and training, cleaning businesses can significantly enhance their chances of attracting and retaining the best staff. Investing time and resources into these processes demonstrates a commitment to employee development, leading to increased productivity, improved morale, and ultimately, the long-term success of the organisation.


Unfortunately, not all cleaning companies are as reliable and trustworthy as they first seem. In some cases, you could end up with a careless cleaner and an unprofessional clean. Where a CQC standard is also required, this could leave your premises at risk of immediate closure. Don’t trust just anyone with your office, commercial, industrial or surgery cleaning; Brightr Ltd are proud to be Northampton’s best reviewed, most trusted cleaning company. We also offer professional, high quality office cleaning in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

The biggest danger in a tight labour market is to take on anyone regardless of whether they are suitable or not. But remember; any cleaning company is only as good as the staff.

Our cleaners are conscientious, well-mannered and are able to work around the public without creating a disturbance, allowing them to clean your site during the day. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about trusting us with keys to your premises if you don’t wish to. Would you prefer your office, commercial building, factory or medical centre was cleaned in the evening? That is also fine. Our team can provide cleaning services at your site day or night.

In short, we:

  • Try to recruit via recommendation from existing good staff if possible
  • Scrutinise CVs
  • Always take references
  • Conduct a trial shift if possible
  • Pay over national living wage


  • Provide training by a supervisor or manager – not by the other cleaners: we want to start with good habits.
  • Are very clear on
    • Chemicals
    • Dilutions of chemicals
    • Which materials to use – cloths, brushes, mops
    • Equipment
  • Health and safety
    • COSHH
    • Basic materials handling and lifting techniques
    • First Aid training
    • Accident form completion and chain of communication in case of incident

Recruiting and training the best cleaning staff requires a strategic and comprehensive approach. Clear job descriptions, rigorous selection processes, and thorough training programs are the pillars of success. By investing in the recruitment and training of the best cleaning staff, businesses can ensure a clean and hygienic environment that promotes productivity, professionalism, and overall well-being.