It’s much more cost-effective and efficient to outsource your cleaning work to a commercial cleaning company. The following 5 jobs are examples of the work you can’t do without the expertise of a commercial cleaner.

  1. Carpet CleaningOur cleaners are fully trained in how to correctly clean carpets.
  2. Specialist Medical Premises CleaningWe train our cleaners to follow the CQC Specifications for Cleanliness for NHS Medical and Dental Premises.
  3. Anti Bacterial CleaningWe use products that reduce transmission of germs, which lowers staff sickness rates; saving your company money as a result.
  4. Deep Cleaning: We do full initial deep cleans to raise standards compatible with the Brightr Ltd. cleaning ethos.
  5. Employee Compliance and Safeguarding: All our school cleaners are DBS checked and safeguard trained.

Brightr will work with you to produce a cleaning plan that satisfies all your cleaning requirements.

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